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A Flexible Content Model

The content model is an important pillar in any web content management architecture. In accordance with its open platform philosophy, Bloomreach Experience Manager offers flexible content model building blocks while adhering to elementary principles.

Savvy Search

Effective search capabilities are key to connecting your visitors with the content they are looking for. Bloomreach Experience Manager provides a built-in search engine as well as integration points for external search platforms.

Developers ❤️ Experience Manager

Bloomreach obsesses over developer experience. Extensive documentation & tutorials and an active community make it a pleasure to work with Bloomreach.

Radically Open

The open, standards-based platform integrates data, content and services to fuel continuous, insight-driven innovation in your customer experience.


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An Open Platform

Bloomreach Experience Manager offers a Java-based modular architecture in which every component is extensible and every feature can be exposed to other systems.

An Extensible Platform

Content delivery is a dynamic space. You want a platform that can accommodate the unique requirements of any CMS implementation. Therefore extensibility is a key quality attribute of any content delivery architecture.

Integrations Galore

Bloomreach understands that you are dealing with an existing enterprise architecture. Rather than trying to be a solution for everything, Experience Manager is designed to be the web content management piece that will fit into your existing puzzle.

Headless CMS

Powerful APIs to consume from any client like React or Angular, mobile apps or even IoT, using REST.

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The last CMS you’ll ever need. Efficient caching, high-availability, industry-standard security and all-you-can-cluster.  Develop on a rock solid foundation.


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Bloomreach Experience Manager is designed to scale and provides an architecture that can handle your evolving traffic requirements now and in the future.

Industry-Standard Security

Bloomreach Experience Manager provides safe and secure access and flexible access control and supports integration with all industry-standard security solutions.


Bloomreach Experience Manager is designed to support best practices for high-availability web architectures as well as to minimize the need for redeployments.


High performance personalized content delivery is achieved through efficient caching strategies and smart use of modern delivery techniques.

Flexible Deployments

When it comes to deploying your Bloomreach-based projects, flexibility is key. We recommend Bloomreach Cloud, our powerful cloud-based service. On-premises deployments and 3rd party cloud-based options are also supported.

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