Niklas Winkels

Jun 11, 2018

[Developer Meetup] SPA++ (Part 1)

On Thursday the 7th of June 2018, Bloomreach organized a successful Meetup to learn all about the new SPA++ feature and how to seamlessly integrate your single-page apps in the Channel Manager.

Until recently, SPAs developed in a WCMS environment were restricted to consuming content through a Content-as-a-Service API exposed by the WCMS. Such SPAs were isolated from the WCMS' delivery tier and channel management features. As a result, business users could no longer manage channels and preview their changes.

In this Meetup, Ard Schrijvers covered an intuitive, built-in model contribution and aggregation JSON API as well as a seamless integration with WCMS delivery tier and channel management features. You can find the documentation of both, the new Page Model API & Channel Manager API here.

If you missed the Developer Meetup, check out the recording below: 



// Make sure to  check out part 2 afterwards.


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Don’t miss the next post!