Why build with Bloomreach?

Why build with Bloomreach?

Whether you’re customizing your project or integrating the Bloomreach Pixel,  Bloomreach Experience Manager provides the tools and flexibility to do it.

Explore the APIs

Explore the APIs

Bloomreach has the APIs to help you get the data you need, whether it’s your React app or the Bloomreach Cloud. Discover an extensive set of APIs and services.

Code with confidence

Code with confidence

Bloomreach obsesses over developer experience. Extensive documentation & tutorials and an active community make it a pleasure to work with Bloomreach.

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Documentation, tutorials, training, blogs and even advanced labs section where experts discuss best practices.

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API Catalogue

Comprehensive documentation of our API Clients, Endpoints & Parameters for Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) and Bloomreach Search and Merchandising (brSM).

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Headless Content API

The Content REST API is a generic REST API running on top of the brXM delivery tier, automatically exposing all published content in brXM's content repository based on the document types.


The API that drives the brXM Cloud platform. Use this API in order to manage your environments and work with distributions. You can also back them up and restore them.


CRISP is Common Resource model Interface and Service Provider module for External APIs (e.g, API Gateway), which enables simple, seamless, enterprise-ready and performant external services integration with brXM.

Thematic API

brSM thematic pages are customized landing pages that are similar to category pages. The thematic API retrieves these pages for your site visitors.

Pathways API

The brSM Pathways API optimizes your link structure and page content by populating the content in your Related Searches and Related Products widgets.

Product Search API

The brSM product search API sends a keyword query to retrieve results about products and other content on your site.

Open UI

Open UI

OpenUI enables developers to integrate external systems into the Bloomreach interface which, in turn, creates a single place where businesses can manage all of their digital experience functions. Such a UI extension is an application that is either packaged and deployed with the project or runs on a different server. UI extensions are rendered inside an iframe.

JavaScript library is available that can be used for communication between the BloomReach Experience Manager UI and the extension.

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Headless Experience API

Bloomreach Experience Manager offers a unique way of integrating Single-Page Applications (SPAs) such as Angular and React with the CMS. In this approach the SPA is still powering the delivery, offering great flexibility to IT. While at the same time CMS users can use all of the powerful features that come with a modern CMS: preview, in-context editing, drag-and-drop page composition, personalization, and more.

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Headless Experience API


Bloomreach offers SDKs for powering content and components in React or Angular applications by BloomReach Experience. This library makes integrating an SPA with BloomReach Experience a breeze. It supports both client-side- and server-side rendered/isomorphic React and Angular apps.

BloomReach Experience allows you to use an external front-end for rendering while still providing a native-like authoring experience, such as integrated preview, in-context editing, drag & drop, server-side personalization.

React Angular

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